Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Worst Nightmare

In an very entertaining article- "Land of the McFree" by a British journalist about McDonald's and his visit to Hamburger University, the author concludes with this absolutely warped and scary fusion of McDonald's ingredients and a gourmet menu:

"As if to prove the point, we round off the day with perhaps the weirdest meal I've ever eaten - and I've eaten live eel, mind you. It's dubbed McGourmet and it's a 10-course banquet of dishes all prepared using ingredients found in a standard McDonald's. It includes such delicacies as a Big Tasty Meatloaf with cream cheese sauce and a Coca-Cola reduction and a McCrispy Chicken confitted in citrus sauce. It's strangely convincing and yet very, very, odd. A bit like the folk at Oak Brook, Illinois."



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